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Ron's Private Thoughts -- Keep Out!
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Date:2003-12-19 19:35
Subject:My Housemate's Lover
Mood: confused

Remus has a boyfriend. Trouble is, it's my brother Bill! Bill's going to be staying here a while. I am not sure how I feel about that. It's not so much that he's told me he's bisexual (does that sort of thing run in families?) but that he's staying here. I'm going to feel like I'm being babysat now. I just moved in and already I feel like a third wheel. Back to Grimmauld? Place an ad for a new flatmate? Does The Quibbler have any flats above its offices?

It's early on and all but I still feel -- wrong about being here now. Bill and Remus will want time alone and I sure don't want to hear them going at it or anything. I wish Remus had asked me what I thought, but it's his house and he doesn't owe me any explanations and he doesn't need my permission. But if Bill's staying, I'll have to leave. No one knows my secret and I really don't want them to know. What if I get into a relationship? I'd never be able to bring them back to the house or my room without Bill finding out. I reallydon't need another dad watching my every move.

Speaking of dad, Bill hasn't told Mum and Dad about Remus. I'm sure not going to mention it -- I'm scared enough of what they'd say if they knew about me!

I was able to get together with Luna Lovegood last week and I sent in a personal advert. So far there have been no responses, but Luna is looking very cute these days. She was a bit strange and awkward in school but time has been very good to her. It's amazing how girls tend to mature so quickly. She actually looks like a woman now. And like I said, cute. I don't know whether to pursue her or not, but I have this vague feeling she might like me. Then again, I could be imagining things. Guys are a bit dense in that department after all.

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Date:2003-12-12 23:33
Subject:Intensely Horny!
Mood: horny

It's one of those lonely nights again -- thinking about Harry. hell, I'm thinking about Parvati, Luna, Hannah...even Remus. He's a bit old for me but he's not a bad looking bloke. But no. It's me and my hand again. I just want to get naked and rub up against a nice, warm, receptive body tonight. And all I get is five fingers. Being single really blows. Or not. Heh.

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Date:2003-11-22 18:29
Subject:Hermione, the DA, Hogsmeade, Remus, Harry
Mood: tired

Hermione's been acting like a Know-It-All -- only worse than ever! She's always hanging around that git Malfoy. When is he going to be leaving, anyway? For a "temporary" situation, it's sure dragging on forever. I wish he'd get his arse out of here already. But no matter. I've taken things into my own hands. If you can't get the prat out of the house, leave the house! Neville contacted me about joining the DA in Hogsmeade and I am waiting to hear back from him about a meeting.

I talked to Remus and get this -- he's going, too! He also offered me a spot as his roommate because he's getting a house in Hogsmeade. It'd be perfect if it weren't for Harry. I know Harry's upset with me and with Remus for wanting to go. I just feel I have to. Hermione used to be my friend, but right now...I'm not so sure. Hanging out with the enemy could put us all in danger. God forbid -- nah, she couldn't actually like him? We're doomed if it's a -- dare I say it -- CRUSH. Ewww. If you could see my face!

Still in all, I feel terrible about Harry. He looked so sad today (and hot as usual, but I can't tell him that). Remus told him he could come along. I sure hope he does. It'd be sort of like old times again only plus Remus and minus Hermione. Well, if she wants that blond goat she can have him!

I'm going out to Hogsmeade. There's nothing to do here, anyway.

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Date:2003-10-21 18:12
Mood: pissed off

I am so angry with Hermione right now for letting that fool of a git of a bloody prat Malfoy into this house! How could she do such a thing? Didn't even have the courtesy to ask Harry and me what we wanted or if it was ok, which it most certainly is NOT. I don't even want to LOOK at her much less talk to her. She's been taking Malfoy's side while she takes the piss out of me in front of him. That girl has got another thing coming. I've never known her to be so stupid!

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